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Malaysia expects large shipment of Chinese vaccine by end of June

23.05.2021 119 просмотров

Malaysia will receive 8.2 million doses of Sinovac vaccine by the end of June.

Malaysian authorities will receive a total of 8.2 million doses of vaccine from Chinese manufacturer Sinovac by the end of June. This was announced on Sunday during a video conference by Senior Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yacob.

According to him, “to date, almost 5 million doses of the drug have already been imported into the country, residents have approximately 440,000 vaccinations.” “We also expect to receive about 3.2 million more doses by the end of June,” the minister said.

In total, the Malaysian authorities have concluded an agreement providing for the receipt of 14 million doses of Sinovac, which will also be produced in the country from raw materials imported from China.

The government also issued a license for the use of Pfizer's drugs - BioNTech and AstraZeneca - in the country. National vaccination campaign started in Malaysia at the end of February only 3% of the inhabitants were made.

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