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Malaysia eased quarantine restrictions

13.04.2021 52 просмотров

The Malaysian authorities announced a partial lifting of restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

Against the background of a decrease in the average daily increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus, as well as in connection with the onset of the month of fasting - Ramadan - the Malaysian authorities partially lifted social restrictions on Tuesday. This was announced by Senior Minister, Minister of DefenseIsmail Sabri Yacob.

According to him, "cafes and catering places will be able to work until 6 am", previously they had to close no later than midnight. In addition, the senior minister specified, "traditional night markets are opening." Most states have also allowed taraweeh, a special prayer that is offered only in Ramadan after the obligatory night prayer and lasts until dawn.

He also noted that authorities are discussing the possibility of lifting the interstate travel ban in mid-May, when the end of Ramadan will be celebrated.

The Malaysian government managed to reduce the number of new cases of coronavirus almost three times in a few months, now about a thousand cases are recorded in the country every day. In total, since the pandemic, more than 362.1 thousand cases of infection have been confirmed there, of which over 1.3 thousand people have died.

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