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Maharashtra to print train tickets in native language

15.05.2018 69 просмотров

Until recently, all travel documents were printed in two languages - English and Hindi. Starting from May 2018, Marathi, the native language of the population of the state, was added to them.

Now all the information on the tickets will be in three languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi, written in Devangari (syllabary used in modern Indian languages: Nepali, Hindi, Marathi, etc.). 

According to Sunil Udasi, Head of Communications at India's Central Railways, adding the local language to railway forms will have a positive impact on operations and increase passenger traffic. 

So far, the country's Railway Information Systems Center has successfully tested trilingual tickets. Everything is now ready to launch the system statewide. New travel documents can be purchased both in the traditional way - at the ticket offices of stations, and in ticket machines. 

This is already the second successful experience of introducing local dialects into everyday practice. A few years ago, the state of Karnataka began issuing tickets that added the local language, Kannada, to traditional English and Hindi.

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