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The personal savings of the Japanese exceeded the country's GDP

19.12.2022 ТАСС 96 просмотров

The personal savings of the Japanese exceeded 2 quadrillion yen, which is equal to $116 thousand per person.

The personal savings of Japanese people, which they keep in cash, in bank accounts and in stocks, exceed 2 quadrillion yen (about $14.7 trillion) for the fourth quarter in a row, which is almost four times more than Japan's GDP, estimated at 540 trillion yen (about $ 4 trillion at the current exchange rate). This is evidenced by the statistics published on Monday by the Bank of Japan for the period from July to September.

According to him, the savings of the Japanese amounted to 2.005 quadrillion yen ($ 14.729 trillion). More than half of this amount is kept in cash and in bank accounts, about 25% are investments in insurance, and about 15% are kept by the Japanese in the form of shares. Based on the latest demographic statistics, savings exceed 15.9 million yen (more than 116 thousand dollars) per capita.

Total savings increased by 0.8% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year. At the same time, savings in cash and on bank deposits immediately increased by 2.5%.

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