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Lebanon unveils controversial slogan to promote travel to the country

22.11.2021 239 просмотров

"I love you in your madness" is the new slogan of the Lebanese tourism campaign. 

There is not only a coronavirus pandemic in the country, but also a serious economic crisis, but, according to the authors of the slogan, the instability of life can be presented as a source of pride and travel to Lebanon is promoted in this vein.

“This is our country, a crazy country ... Crazy in her nightlife, crazy in her food and generosity, says Walid Kanaan, chief creative officer of the company that designed the slogan for Lebanon. - And as crazy as the situation in Lebanon is, we can only say, "We love you in your madness."

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The Lebanese Minister of Tourism supported the new slogan, which in English will sound like "Crazy Love", or "Crazy Love", and stated that exactly this is how Lebanon will identify itself in the international tourism market. However, the country's Prime Minister Najib Mikati did not appreciate the unusual advertising campaign.

"I love you in your madness"? - Lebanon is not insane. It would be more accurate to say, "Despite everything, I love you." It's better because we love our country no matter what,” Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said.

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Commenting on the Prime Minister's statement, slogan author Walid Kanaan told Reuters the slogan was bold because, quote, "Lebanese often go to extremes."

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