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Lebanon sees increased demand for online deliveries

25.03.2020 37 просмотров

After the coronavirus pandemic announced all over the planet, all restaurants and shops were closed in many large metropolitan areas, public life froze, and unauthorized access to the street is punishable by very considerable fines.

In this situation, residents of the capital of Lebanon - Beirut - have found a palliative remedy: now absolutely all goods - from toilet paper to a glass of yogurt - are delivered to them by an online courier service.

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"It so happens that we have to stay at home to avoid the spread of the epidemic. Here is our service and delivers parcels to everyone who needs them, and you can place an order on our website," says one of the couriers.

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"Restaurants now depend on us to survive, says fast delivery employee. - They rely on us to keep their customer network Secondly, thanks to us, our drivers also live, as we guarantee them a stable income."

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The total number of people infected with the SARS virus in Lebanon has reached 300 people, with 10 people recovered and three people died. All public institutions, including museums, theatres, cinemas and gyms, are closed. The first case of coronavirus infection was detected on February 21.

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