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Lebanon may restore electricity from Monday

10.10.2021 125 просмотров

The state electricity company may resume partial power supplies to Lebanese cities on Monday. This was reported to a TASS correspondent by a source in the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic.

According to him, on Saturday afternoon, two tankers will approach the coast of Lebanon, which will be unloaded in Ezzouq in the north and Jiya in the south of the country. “Due to this fuel, if its suitability for use is confirmed by experts, we expect to start generating electricity up to 500 megawatts from Monday,” the source said. - Ammare and Protect. “Due to the shortage of fuel oil, their electricity generation has fallen to a critical level for the energy system,” he stressed. was singled out just a few days ago. “By the end of October, we expect the arrival of the third tanker in accordance with the agreement concluded with Iraq, which will allow us to increase electricity generation,” he said. -4 hours supply of the population with electricity, the rest of the time the light is supplied to the homes of citizens and institutions by electric generators owned by private firms. The crisis worsened after the decision of the Central Bank of Lebanon on August 12 to cancel government subsidies for fuels and lubricants (POL) due to the reduction of foreign exchange reserves, which caused a wave of street protests and long queues at gas stations.

September 22 Ministry of Affairs energy and water resources of Lebanon announced a 15% increase in prices for fuel and lubricants, earlier in August, the increase in prices for gasoline and fuel oil amounted to 66%.

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