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Largest mosque opens in Turkey

07.03.2019 94 просмотров

A large religious complex built in Istanbul can simultaneously accommodate more than 60,000 people.

The new landmark of the country is located in the Uskudar region, the foundation stone was laid by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

< td> Archaeologists have discovered in the UAE
thousand-year mosque
. Four of the six minarets reach 107 meters in height, and two - 90. The complex combines classical and modern elements of architecture.

The mosque can accommodate 25 thousand people for prayer in the building, 12.5 thousand believers can be in the inner courtyard and 22.5 in the outer. The complex also includes a parking lot for 3.5 thousand cars, a conference hall for a thousand seats, a library and a museum with an area of 11 thousand square meters.

It is expected that the mosque will become one of the most significant symbols of Istanbul.
< br> Previously, Big Asia reported that The first sermons with sign language translation were held in the mosques of Uzbekistan. We are talking about Friday prayers, reports the Muslim Board of the Republic.

In addition, the mosques have all the necessary conditions for people with disabilities. This is indicated by special signs at the entrances to Muslim temples.

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