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Large-scale charity campaign launched by the Russian Jewish Congress

18.03.2022 117 просмотров

More than 2.8 million rubles were raised by the Russian Jewish Congress on the evening of Thursday, March 17, at an online event in honor of the Jewish holiday of Purim. 

It launched a large-scale charitable campaign of RJC “Safety Margin”, which will last three months. All donations received will be directed to the urgent needs of the Jewish communities of Russia: the purchase of food, medicines and the monitoring of anti-Semitism in our country.


The campaign was launched live by its initiator, RJC President Yuri Kanner: “Purim speaks of a happy deliverance, but the path to a happy deliverance is paved through the wise actions of Jewish leaders and the self-sacrifice of many people. Our mission is to help people: both those who need support, and those whose soul breaks at the thought that somewhere very close in Russia there are Jews who have nothing to feed their children, who cannot buy medicines, who are worried about reports of a possible increase in anti-Semitic sentiment. For nearly 26 years, we have been connecting the needy with philanthropists, and we pride ourselves on providing infrastructure for people with big hearts who are willing and able to help.”

The Margin of Safety fundraising includes: “Food Stock” (food packages for more than 1,000 children from low-income families: canned food, cereals, flour, vegetable oil), “Medicine Stock” (medicines for almost 500 Hasedim wards - Jewish social support centers) and “Stock protection” (expansion of the monitoring program for anti-Semitism in Russia).

It was no coincidence that RJC timed the start of the campaign to coincide with Purim. In honor of this holiday, it is customary not only to have fun and give gifts, but also to make donations.


On this festive evening, the audience of the online broadcast was waiting for the premiere from the REC-Purimshpil "Dovid and Golias" from the pre-war collection of the outstanding Soviet folklorist and ethnographer Moses Beregovsky translated by the head of the Petersburg Judaica Center Valery Dymshits. This baroque-style work was recorded in the format of a multimedia opera by a troupe led by Vitaly Fomin especially for the Russian Jewish Congress. The language of performance is Yiddish (with Russian subtitles). The original video mix was created by the director Andrey Silvestrov and the artist Evgeny Mitta.

Before the premiere, the authors and performers spoke about the production live on REC: Valery Dymshits , Andrey Silvestrov, Evgeny Mitta, Vitaly Fomin, as well as the actors who played the main roles in the opera, Alina Smolik and Alexey Egorov. The guest of the broadcast, hosted by Mikhail Gurevich, was the Ambassador of Israel to the Russian Federation Alexander Ben-Zvi, he reminded that it is doubly important to help those in need on Purim.

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