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Kyrgyzstan wants to return compatriots from Afghanistan to their homeland

27.09.2021 131 просмотров

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov plans to resettle ethnic Kyrgyz from Afghanistan to the republic. He stated this on Sunday during a trip to the Osh region of the country, the press service of the head of the Kyrgyz state reported.

"The President, speaking to local residents, once again emphasized his intention to resettle the remaining Afghan Kyrgyz to their historical homeland in order to preserve them," the report says. According to the press service, in the Chon-Alai region Zhaparov laid a capsule for the construction of a new town for ethnic Kyrgyz from the Small and Great Pamirs of Afghanistan.

As planned, in this area for compatriots from About 300-400 houses will be built in Afghanistan, as well as a secondary school for 275 places, health facilities and other social facilities.

of the Assanabil Charitable Foundation, the message emphasizes.

According to various sources, about 3,000-4,000 ethnic Kyrgyz currently live in Afghanistan.

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