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Kyrgyzstan sees decrease in COVID-19 incidence rate

16.02.2021 93 просмотров

The rate of spread of coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan has decreased.

The intensity of the spread of coronavirus infection in Kyrgyzstan has been gradually decreasing recently. This was stated on Tuesday during a briefing in Bishkek by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic Nurbolot Usenbaev.

- he said. Nevertheless, according to him, "the tension does not subside." “The spread of the virus is slowing down, but its circulation among the population continues. And we should not reduce preventive measures - we must adhere to the mask regime, social distancing and the use of antiseptics," said Nurbolot Usenbaev.

According to him, a gradual decrease in the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection by For several weeks, it has been observed in the neighboring states of Kyrgyzstan.

For two weeks, less than a hundred cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the republic daily.

As the head of the country's Ministry of HealthAlymkadyr Beishenaliev >, the republic sent an application to the Russian Federation for 500,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine. The issue of its production in Kyrgyzstan is being discussed, which also expects to receive 1.2 million doses of vaccines under the COVAX program. According to the minister, the first 504,000 doses from the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca are expected to arrive in March.

The situation with coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan, which is home to almost 6.5 million people, escalated at the end June last year: doctors began to record about 700 cases of infection daily. In July, for several days in a row, this figure ranged from 900 to 1.2 thousand cases in 24 hours. The state of emergency declared in March 2020 continues to operate in the country.

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