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Kuwait opens borders to foreign travelers

29.06.2021 107 просмотров

Kuwait opens maritime and land borders on August 1st for COVID-19 vaccinated people.

The government of Kuwait adopted a decree on Monday, according to which foreign citizens who have been vaccinated against coronavirus with a drug approved in the country will be able to cross the land and sea borders of the emirate starting from 1 August this year.

“The government has decided to open land and sea borders from August 1 for those vaccinated against coronavirus with a drug approved in Kuwait   - the news agency of the emirate KUNA quotes the text of the decision of the Cabinet.

As specified, to enter the country it will be necessary to present a certificate of vaccination with two doses of drugs from the American company Pfizer ("Pfizer") and its German partner BioNTech (" Biontek), the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca (“AstraZeneca”) or the American company Moderna (“Modern”). It is also possible to provide a document on immunization with a single dose of the drug from the American company Johnson & Johnson ("Johnson & Johnson").

In addition, according to the government decree, “since 29 June, citizens of Kuwait, as well as their from  coronavirus with at least one dose of the drug, they will again be able to visit the country, crossing its marine or land borders.

In addition, the emirate “resumes from 1 July direct flights with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Spain, USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, France , Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Greece and Switzerland.

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