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Koreans come up with a high-tech filtering mask

10.09.2020 181 просмотров

In Korea, they released a mask with a fan, an air analyzer and a battery.

In Korea, industry-leading LG Electronics Corporation has launched a new highly intelligent type of reusable mask that can provide complete comfort in the environment of the coronavirus-polluted and toxic atmosphere.


Choi Yoon-hee, Project Manager, LG Electronics:

"Disposable masks can bring a lot of pollution problems. In addition, they are loose on the face and difficult to breathe in.

stationary air purifiers.Double air filtration allows you to neutralize harmful atmospheric impurities.The mask allows you to breathe in a normal rhythm, adjusting to your individual characteristics using a special algorithm that sets the pace of the ultra-fine microventilator.Specially for this function, the mask is equipped with a sensor that monitors the rhythm of breathing."


The set that went on sale includes not only the mask itself, but also a special device that disinfects the product using ultraviolet radiation.


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