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Korean youth pass university entrance exams amid epidemic raging in the country

02.12.2020 109 просмотров

Young applicants took care of their health and crammed until the very last moment.

In Korea, Asia's fourth-largest economy, tens of thousands of students have passed the college entrance exam, which is considered to be one of the most important milestones in a child's life.


Song Hae-In, 18, exam:

"As soon as we got home from overseas , parents immediately made all safety rules mandatory at home: wash your hands constantly, minimize contacts with the outside world, keep a distance of 2 meters between us... 


We even promised our elders not to leave our rooms unnecessarily. Then we were all worried about catching a cold on the day of the exam, and now the coronavirus has been added to these worries."


Yoon In-Mo, warden at a private school:

harder. The college entrance exam itself is already a difficult test. And now one more obstacle has been added - the very same coronavirus.


Park Baeg-Byom, Deputy Minister of Education of Korea:

College into several categories. It is necessary to take into account examinees in self-isolation, infected examinees and healthy ones. We have carefully prepared at all examination centers to safely conduct this event."


in the ranks of the losers and do everything in their power to achieve social success. 


Preparation for adult life begins literally at the age of four, in the younger group of kindergarten. Further, the general pressure on pupils and students only intensifies.


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