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Korean students to pass exams despite COVID-19

26.11.2020 44 просмотров

Korea is preparing for its final school exams in the midst of an epidemic.

In the Republic of Korea, the end-of-school final exams are held on December 3rd. 


Despite all the measures taken by the central government, the general course of the SARS CoV-2 epidemic has not yet been turned around. The situation remains difficult. 


In this regard, Minister of Education Yoo Eun-hye addressed the students and their parents on November 26 with a request to reduce the social activity of children and reduce the number of extra classes and seminars that attend guys to prepare for exams.


Yoo Eun-hye, Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs of the Republic of Korea:

able to guarantee all epidemiological measures without the support of citizens.The biggest event of school life is approaching - passing the matriculation exams.490,000 people will have to come to educational institutions.We urge everyone to help us meet all the requirements to protect people from coronavirus.Just imagine the condition of the parents of our students. I ask everyone who can to refrain from unnecessary movement around the city for one week."


Korea has over 51 million people. This country has carried out universal testing for coronavirus. At the end of November, medical services were identifying more than 580 new infected patients per day. The total number of cases is very small - just over 32 thousand people. Died at the end of November 515 people.


On November 3, the representative of the Ministry of Health of the country, Yun Tae-ho, announced the beginning of the third wave of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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