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Korea prepares to build new hospitals

18.07.2020 115 просмотров

A second wave of coronavirus has arrived in Korea, which could prompt the authorities to start building new hospitals.

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In Korea, doctors are doing everything they can to curb the new outbreak of COVID-19 that has come to the country. 

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"The time has come to prepare for epidemics of infectious diseases that will be much more virulent than before and a higher mortality rate," said Kim Yong-ik, president of the Korean Social Security System. "Therefore, we must develop a plan to transform ordinary hospitals into infectious diseases, learn how to properly distribute medical staff and patients. Unfortunately, at present, only 10% of the beds "Seats in Korea today are free. We need to build more public hospitals."

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< br> Korea managed to stop the spread of infection from abroad in time. However, dealing with the problem of secondary infection among the local population proved to be much more difficult than establishing control at the border. Korean doctors do more than 20,000 tests a day. The country has a regulation according to which violators of the self-isolation regime are threatened with a prison term. Car disinfection, temperature control, and swab collection are literally everywhere.

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