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Korea is fighting to reach the plateau, but so far to no avail

07.12.2020 123 просмотров

In Seoul, the number of infections is on the rise.

Korea is tightening measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 due to the inability to reach a plateau and reverse the current disappointing dynamics of the spread of a dangerous infectious disease.


Ra Sung-Wung, Deputy Head of the Korea Agency for Disease Control and Prevention:

"Physical movement of citizens in Seoul has shrunk by more than 20%, but unfortunately, this did not help us overcome the pandemic.Moreover, the situation worsened, and now we are forced to speak of an "aggravated pandemic." 


< p align="JUSTIFY"> For this reason, we are taking new measures: social distancing must be increased to two and a half meters between people in public places with severe restrictions on social activity."


Oh Chang-Yep, 18 years old, student:

"At preparatory courses, you are told to wear a mask, and you put it on. Then you must comply social distancing. For this reason, I consider such establishments safe for my health and trust them."


Moon-Yu, 46, student's mother:

"I'm not happy at all. All this is leading to big expense. But I can't send my child to an overcrowded classroom with 50 other people in it. As a responsible parent, I really can't do that!"


Korea enforces selective social distancing in various regions. At the same time, a strict ban was introduced on the work of commission agents who advertise goods on a door-to-door basis. For violation of the mask regime, a fine of up to $ 90 is also provided.

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