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Korea builds field hospitals to deal with COVID-19 epidemic

10.12.2020 39 просмотров

The first "container" hospital opened in Seoul.

In the capital of Korea, Seoul, due to the influx of patients infected with the coronavirus, there is a shortage of hospital beds in local hospitals. In this regard, the municipality ordered the organization of temporary field medical stations, which should be quickly deployed from containers prepared in advance for such needs.

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This army technology for quickly solving the epidemiological problem has shown its effectiveness during the humanitarian missions of the Korean military abroad.


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Park Yu mi, Seoul City Hall Department of Health

As of December 9, the infectious diseases departments in the metropolitan area were occupied by 75, 6%, and actually in Seoul, by 83%. We also have 62 places in intensive care for infectious patients, but 59 are already occupied. That is, the margin of safety is 3 places. We will create an exclusion zone around mobile hospitals and work with inspectors from the Dangerous Disease Control Center to enforce strict quarantine.


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Currently, the first of these centers is actually ready to accommodate patients, despite the fact that the preparatory work took less than one week.

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