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Korea becomes sterile

05.03.2020 60 просмотров

In Korea, a widespread campaign has been organized to teach citizens about the mandatory rules of hygiene.

The country's government equated the spread of SARS to the situation during the war. Accordingly, measures to combat the coronavirus have been taken, as in the case of hostilities. The highest priority in metropolitan Seoul is the treatment of all subway station surfaces. In addition, it is in the city subway that the authorities instill in the residents and guests of the capital the right attitude to the rules of hygiene in the spirit of the Russian Moidodyr. Cheerful cartoon character dances joyfully pouring disinfectant solution on passengers' hands.

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"I came to Seoul because I have a sister here who is studying at the university," says Aya Kitaoka, 21, a tourist from Japan. Of course, we are afraid of the virus, but we believe that it is enough to observe safety measures: wash your hands as often as possible, wear a mask and gargle in the evenings. Then everything will be fine! And then in Korea, the Ministry of Health works more efficiently than in Japan - I see real concrete Everything is wrong with us! And I'm even afraid to go home!"

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"Our station is one of the most frequented by foreigners. Poe That's why we decided to hold a campaign about the mandatory hygiene rules here,” says Jang Seong-wan, an employee of the Myeong-dong subway station.

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Official Seoul has allocated an additional $10 million to fight the infection. Some local analysts acknowledge that the virus has enabled civil defense drills and a test of society's readiness to mobilize in the face of an epidemic or natural disaster.

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