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Commercial rise, everything for love, flower business, television cooperation — watch "Chinese Panorama"-494

17.02.2023 Медиакорпорация Китая (CMG), телеканал «Большая Азия» (Игорь Митрофанов) 118 просмотров

Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 494):
  • The international wholesale market in Yiwu attracts many sellers and buyers Young Chinese began to spend more on Valentine's Day
  • 11 billion flowers were bought in the Donan market last year
  • The International Forum of the Silk Road Television Cooperation Community was held in Beijing

The international wholesale market in Yiwu attracts more and more sellers and buyers

After the New Year holidays, the international wholesale market, one of the largest centers of China's foreign trade, has reopened in Yiwu City County. For many years, a variety of goods have been supplied from here to all corners of the globe: from clothes and souvenirs to auto parts. After the easing of the anti-bullying policy of the People's Republic of China, the former revival returns to Yiwu. On the first day after the opening, almost 220 thousand people visited the market — about 15% more than at the same time a year earlier. Wholesalers are optimistic. They expect that the coming year will be hectic, but very fruitful for business.

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Li Houqin, wholesale supplier in Yiwu International Trade Market: "On the first day of work, we confirmed an order in the amount of $ 6,000, received just before the Spring Holiday.
This is our first delivery after the New Year according to the Chinese calendar!"

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Together with Chinese businessmen, foreign entrepreneurs are returning to Yiwu. Local restaurants with cuisines of different peoples of the world are crowded again.

Xu Manlan, owner of Nepali cuisine restaurant in Yiwu: "Now we have many guests from India, Pakistan, France, Afghanistan and Egypt."

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The number of foreign business community in the city has already exceeded 10 thousand people. A wide range of services is available for them in Yiwu.

Entrepreneur from India: "I came to this logistics company to discuss the cost of cargo delivery.
The containers are ready to be shipped, and I'm not worried about them."

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Freight trains are already actively delivering goods from Yiwu to Europe. Already on the first day after the Chinese New Year, 11 trains left for the west from here. As the number of orders increases, exporters increase production volumes and, if necessary, switch to round-the-clock operation.

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Young Chinese began to spend more on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is taking an increasingly important place in the lives of Chinese youth. To spend this holiday in a special way, many couples do not spare money for gifts and pleasant surprises. Shopping malls in Chengdu have also taken care of creating a romantic atmosphere to please young buyers.

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"I think Valentine's Day is a time of beautiful gourmet food and flowers. This is the first time I celebrate this holiday," said a young visitor to the shopping center. - I hope we will have a good time."

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"We have been together for more than six years and are going to get married. Today we are going to choose a gold bracelet. I have prepared in advance another gift for Valentine's Day — a beautiful necklace. For me, this is a way to tell my beloved that I want to spend my whole life with her," said a visitor to the shopping center.

Many couples spend Valentine's Day in shopping malls, because there are a lot of promotions, discounts and gifts for lovers.

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Wang Lan, Tea shop owner: "According to my calculations, sales increase at least twice on Valentine's Day.
We have a promotion for couples — "buy one product, get the second one for free." There are also mini-gifts: teddy bears, lollipops and other goods."

Valentine's Day — This is the first big holiday in China after the Chinese New Year. Over the past month, the number of search queries devoted to this event has grown 6.5 times in China. Most often, people over the age of 20 are interested in this topic.

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11 billion flowers were bought in the Donan market last year

Donan Market in Yunnan Province is often called the flower capital of Asia. This is one of the largest floral centers on the planet, supplies from here go to more than fifty countries and regions of the world. Last year, 11 billion flowers were sold here — about 70% of the total Chinese figure. After the easing of anti-bullying restrictions, the volume of trade may become even more impressive.

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Cheng Ting, salesman:
"This year there have been noticeably more customers. The market is visited by two to three times more people compared to last year. I sell 20 to 30 bouquets a day."

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Despite the seasonal increase in prices, the number of orders continues to grow, and there is a revival in flower pavilions. About 20 thousand people visit the Donan Market every day. The most popular product is red roses. On average, the cost of one flower has increased fivefold over the past month and is about 10 yuan – a little more than a hundred Russian rubles.

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The International Forum of the Silk Road Television Cooperation Community was held in Beijing

A Forum of the Silk Road Television Cooperation Community was held in the Chinese capital. It was attended by more than 50 leading media corporations from dozens of countries and regions. The main theme of the event was "joint construction and development, cooperation and mutual gain".

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During the discussions, the forum participants came to the conclusion that the world's media should exchange information and consult with each other, actively fulfilling their professional missions. During the ceremonial part of the event, the organizers celebrated the best media projects with the Golden Silk Ribbon award.

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