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China and North Korea plan to boost rail links

26.09.2022 ТАСС 70 просмотров

China and the DPRK will develop stable rail transportation.

The authorities of China and the DPRK will promote the implementation of stable and safe joint projects for the implementation of rail transport. This was stated on Monday by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin.

"We intend to continue strengthening bilateral cooperation, actively contribute to ensuring safe and stable transportation of goods between the two countries by rail," he said at a briefing, confirming the launch of trains between China and North Korea after almost a six-month pause due to the spread of coronavirus.

As the Chinese diplomat clarified, the activation of railway communication "will strengthen the friendship between the two countries."

Earlier, the Yonhap news agency reported on the resumption of rail freight traffic between the Chinese border city of Dandong (northeastern Liaoning Province) and the Korean city of Siniju. Thus, Pyongyang has restored an important trade channel with China, which accounts for the vast majority of the DPRK's foreign trade turnover.

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