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Kingdom of Bahrain to start issuing golden visas

08.02.2022 169 просмотров

The Bahraini authorities have introduced an indefinite "golden" residence permit.

The authorities of the Kingdom of Bahrain announced the introduction of a “golden” resident visa (similar to a residence permit), which is granted for an unlimited period of time, subject to certain requirements. This was reported on Monday by the Bahrain Tribune newspaper.

According to        can the current residents and non-residents. Its owner will be able to repeatedly enter and leave the country without restrictions, will receive the right to work in the kingdom. The right to reside in Bahrain will also be given to close relatives of the holder of such a visa.

To obtain a Golden Visa, current residents must have lived in Bahrain for at least five years, and their monthly salary for during this period of time should be on average not less than 2 thousand. Bahraini dinars (about 5.3 & nbsp; thousand US dollars). The residence permit can be extended for an indefinite period if the resident meets this requirement, the publication indicates.

In addition, such a visa will be granted "immediately" to residents and non-residents in the event that the applicant owns one or more properties worth at least 200 thousand . dinars (about 530.5 thousand dollars), is a "very talented" person or a pensioner with a monthly income of at least 4 thousand rubles. dinars (about 10.6 & nbsp; thousand dollars). You must also reside in Bahrain for 90 days per year.

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