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Kazakhstanis will have to declare gifts received at the celebrations

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In declarations, they should be indicated in the column “other income”

According to the director of the Republican Center for Assistance to Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, Dmitry Kazantsev, from 2020, Kazakhstanis will have to make gifts received at weddings, birthdays and other holidays in income declarations. This is reported by Sputnik Kazakhstan.

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The official noted that gifts worth more than 500 thousand rubles are subject to declaration. tenge ($1300).

“For example, it is not necessary to write that 50 people came to a wedding and gave 100 dollars each. You will need to indicate the total amount, which will serve as confirmation that the wedding was held. The system will record that the wedding took place. In such cases, there will be an additional column in the form of additional income,” D. Kazantsev explained.

He clarified that if the system fails in this column or an error occurs, then the citizen will need to write an explanatory note to the tax authorities , to which indicate the circumstances under which the gift was received.

Recall that from the beginning of next year, Kazakhstanis will have to submit annual declarations on income and property. Real estate (buildings, structures, land plots, houses, apartments and cottages), movable property, family jewelry, jewelry and art objects, as well as exotic animals, the value of which exceeds 500 thousand tenge, are subject to declaration.

Declarations must be submitted all adult citizens of Kazakhstan, ethnic migrants and persons with residence permits, minors who have property or income, as well as foreigners who have property or shares in companies.

Declarations will need to be submitted by 15 July 2020 on paper or until September 15, 2020 in electronic form.

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