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Kazakhstan will not abandon the Russian language

09.02.2022 56 просмотров

Kazakhstan does not intend to change the status of Russian as an official language.

The official status of the Russian language in Kazakhstan is fixed at the constitutional level, and the republic is not going to change it. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Aleksey Borodavkin.

“Everyone speaks Russian in Kazakhstan. And most without an accent and grammatical errors. The status of the Russian language as an official language is enshrined in the Kazakh Constitution, and no one here is going to change anything in this regard,” he said in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta published on Monday.

The Russian language is seen as an advantage in the republic, and those who do not speak Russian find it more difficult to assimilate into society and find it difficult to get a qualified job. “I am sure that the Russian language in Kazakhstan will retain its position and will continue to be in demand, if only because Kazakhstani youth seeks to enter Russian universities, now about 60 thousand children from Kazakhstan are studying with us. They could not have done this without knowledge of the Russian language,” the ambassador noted, adding that branches of Russian universities are to be opened in the republic, teaching in which will also be Russian-speaking.

Speaking about the translation of the Kazakh alphabet into Latin,< b> Aleksey Borodavkin said that in the republic, at all levels of government, they understand how “costly, difficult and ambiguous an initiative” is.

He also noted that the growth of nationalist sentiments in Kazakhstani society is taking place, and everyday nationalism exists both in Kazakhstan and in Russia. Nevertheless, people who adhere to Russophobic views will not take root in power in the republic, the ambassador stressed. “From those Russians who “found themselves” in Kazakhstan, we do not hear complaints about some kind of targeted harassment and discrimination. Russians and Slavs are represented in the leadership of all government structures: in the Senate, the Majilis (the lower house of parliament - TASS note), the government, other government bodies, and in regional administrations. There are many of our compatriots among the leaders of public opinion, in the media,” he said. “People who profess extreme nationalist and Russophobic views will not take root in the leadership of the Kazakh state, which is now being formed by the President of [KazakhstanKassym-Jomart] Tokayev.”
< br> The first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan NazarbayevOn October 26, 2017, signed a decree on the transfer of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin. The government was then instructed to ensure a phased translation of the alphabet until 2025. At the end of January last year, the press service of the government of Kazakhstan reported that the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin alphabet will take place gradually in 2023–2031.

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