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Kazakhstan to launch mass production of its own vaccine in April

10.03.2021 44 просмотров

Kazakhstan intends to start mass production of a local vaccine against COVID-19 in April.

The authorities of Kazakhstan plan to start mass production of the local coronavirus vaccine QazCOVID-in (“Kazkovid-in”) in April this year. This was reported to TASS on Wednesday at the Scientific Research Institute (NII) of Biological Safety Problems of the Republic, in which this drug was created.

“Mass production of the vaccine is planned to begin in April. The volume and place of production are currently determined by the authorized body of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan,” the agency said in response to a request.

According to the agency, the vaccine is currently undergoing the third stage of clinical trials, which are planned to be fully completed in June this year. “In clinical trials, the vaccine has shown high safety and immunogenicity. When used correctly, it creates immunity in all vaccinated participants, ”the research institute noted, speaking about the results of the first two stages of testing QazCOVID-in.

As part of the third stage of vaccine research in December 2020 and January this year, three thousands of volunteers who did not show any negative reactions afterwards. “Clinical studies of the third phase of the vaccine and the selection of volunteers were carried out according to the protocol approved by the Ministry of Health. According to the accepted rules, the volunteers were rewarded. After vaccination, there were no serious adverse events associated with vaccination among the participants,” the institute specified. scientists and specialists of the Scientific Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems worked. Their work was based on the experience of creating vaccines against other diseases, including highly pathogenic avian influenza and swine influenza. Foreign specialists were not involved in the development of the vaccine.

“The domestic technology uses a virus isolated in Kazakhstan in an inactivated form. Given that the virus is whole and killed, the vaccine has a fairly high degree of immunogenicity and safety. The Russian Sputnik V vaccine uses a live adenovirus as a carrier, which has the genetic portion of the coronavirus infection virus,” the research institute explained, answering a question about the difference between the Kazakh and Russian vaccines from the coronavirus.

January 28, the Prime Minister Kazakhstan Askar Mamin instructed to ensure the production of an experimental batch of the QazCOVID-in vaccine in the republic on the basis of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems and a pilot batch at the production site of Antigen Scientific and Production Enterprise LLP. The QazCOVID-in vaccine was included in the registry of the World Health Organization.

March 1 Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Aleksey Tsoi said that his department plans to start vaccinations with a local coronavirus vaccine in April of this year. Earlier, he said that according to preliminary data, the effectiveness of the drug was over 90%.

-sputnik-v-nachinaetsya-v-kazakhstane/"> On February 1, Kazakhstan began to vaccinate the population against coronavirus infection using the Sputnik V vaccine, which was produced in Russia. At the end of February, the shipment of the drug "Sputnik V", produced on the basis of the Karaganda pharmaceutical complex, began to be shipped to the regions of the country.

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