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Kazakhstan plans to bottle its vaccine in Turkey

09.04.2021 42 просмотров

Kazakhstan is considering the production of its coronavirus vaccine in Turkey.

The authorities of Kazakhstan are negotiating the production of a local coronavirus vaccine QazCovid-in (“Kazkovid-in”) in Turkey. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov at a briefing on Friday.

“Today we have an agreement with Turkey, because they have a powerful production base. They don't have their own vaccine, but they do have large production sites. Today we preliminary have a specific agreement with this region. We have already signed a preliminary agreement,” said Yeraly Tugzhanov, answering a question about the site for the production of the Kazakh vaccine.

He noted that it is planned to bottle the Kazakh vaccine at the production site in Turkey.

Scientists and specialists from the Scientific Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems worked on the creation of the inactivated QazCOVID-in vaccine. Their work was based on the experience of creating vaccines against other diseases, including highly pathogenic avian influenza and swine influenza. The vaccine is currently in the third phase of clinical trials.

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