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Kazakhstan launches production of Sputnik Light vaccine

03.03.2022 110 просмотров

The department recalled that KFK already has experience in the production of Sputnik V.

Kazakhstan's Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex (KPC) is starting production of the Russian one-component vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik Light. This was announced on Thursday by the company's press service.

“The pharmaceutical complex is starting production of a one-component vaccine called Sputnik Light. Validation batches of this vaccine have already been produced at KFK and sent for quality control to Russia,” the press service said in the Telegram messenger.

The department recalled that KFK already has experience in producing a Russian vaccine from the Sputnik V coronavirus. “It is worth noting that it was KFK that produced the first batches of the Sputnik V drug to vaccinate Kazakhstanis against coronavirus infection. Since February 2021, 7 million doses of much-needed vaccine have been sent to civilian circulation to combat the spread of infection during the pandemic. The next step is to establish the production of a one-component drug Sputnik Light for revaccination of the population,” the press service explained. Gamalei, was registered in Kazakhstan in July last year. Earlier, the chairman of the Committee for Medical and Pharmaceutical Control of the Ministry of Health of the Republic Bauyrzhan Baiserkin said that KFK plans to produce Sputnik Light from a substance that will come from Russia.

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