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Kazakh conscripts improve their health

29.09.2017 68 просмотров

Requirements for future defenders of the fatherland have become more stringent, but this year only 8% of recruits in Kazakhstan did not pass the medical examination.

Specialists check not only the physical data of young people, but also mental health. The medical board pays special attention to infectious diseases — young men are tested for hepatitis and tuberculosis. They also undergo mandatory testing for drugs.

Despite the low dropout rate, conscripts on the medical examination, doctors admit that in Kazakhstan there are many children with both underweight and obesity. They note flat feet, scoliosis and deformity of the chest. "And a lot of young people are now diagnosed with eye diseases, this is myopia of a high and moderate degree. Apparently, children pay a lot of attention to computers, phones," — said Gulnara Butumbayeva, chairperson of the draft medical commission.

This autumn, more than 16,000 volunteers gathered for the army. For them, the authorities extended the draft period for a whole month. It began in the first days of September, and ends at the end of December.

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