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Karaganda zoo will buy elephants, giraffes and polar bears

09.07.2019 61 просмотров

Its reconstruction is planned to be completed by the end of 2020.

The authorities of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan intend to allocate funds to replenish the collection of animals of the local zoo. In particular, it is planned to purchase elephants, giraffes and polar bears. This is reported by Kazinsorm agency.
Crocodile caught in a parking lot
in Novosibirsk

large-scale reconstruction. Its area will increase to 43 hectares, a new building will be erected, where a herpetarium (enclosure for keeping amphibians and reptiles), an aquarium, winter enclosures for animals, as well as a conference hall, utility and administrative premises will be located. In addition, work is planned on the reconstruction of existing enclosures and the construction of new ones.

According to the director of the zoo, Madina Ashirova, its employees are in constant contact with specialists from Alma-Ata, Tashkent, Moscow, who advise their colleagues on issues construction.

“Since their zoos already have giraffe, elephant and polar bear enclosures, they know all the nuances of how to make them as functional, comfortable for animals as possible and provide convenient and safe access for workers”, - her words are given in the message.

Now the largest animal in the zoo of Karaganda is Eugene the hippopotamus. In addition to him, large predators live here - lions, tigers, jaguars. The collection also includes bison, argali, camels, deer, bears, and rare birds. Larger brethren will appear here as new premises are built. 

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