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Jordanian farmer sells alien goats for thousands of dollars

12.06.2018 75 просмотров

Goats in the Middle East are not only a source of food for numerous family farms, but also a collector's item.

Jordanian breeder Yahya Abu Jaber regularly holds auctions for the unique goats he raises on his farm. His pets, according to journalists who love this event, are more like aliens than cattle.

Jaber claims that through crossbreeding he manages to raise goats with "optimal properties", so they are very popular with buyers . And the unusual appearance is a selection cost that does not affect the use of the animal in the household.

Each goat costs several thousand dollars, the price varies depending on the age and health of the animal. According to Jaber, goats with "unique properties" are born in one case out of 100-150, which is why their price is so high.

Jaber's auctions usually attract more than a hundred buyers - collectors not only a business, but also a prestigious hobby), breeders and farmers. Representatives of at least six countries are present here - Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine and Jordan itself.

For comparison: in 2013, at an auction in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) unique features” was sold for $3 million. This price is currently considered a world record.

Similar auctions for the sale of horses and camels are held annually in Abu Dhabi as part of the International Exhibition of Hunting and Equestrian Sports. Camel racing is very popular in the region, and "racing" camels, whose running qualities are enhanced by selection, sell for huge sums.


For example, breeder Hamed Salem in 2017, owning 50 cross-country camels , bought three humpback horses for 245 thousand dollars. “It's expensive, but I hope it pays off with prizes at the races. I view such spending as an investment. She has one drawback - the lack of insurance. A camel can die, and no one will return the money for its purchase,” Salem shares.

In Jordan, most countries of the Middle East and eastern Africa, herds of goats graze even in the most arid desert regions. On Jordanian farms, goat breeding is an integral part of livestock farming - they provide meat and milk for domestic consumption, and the surplus is sold and generates income in "live" money.

Jordan, after Sudan and Somalia, ranks third in the world place in terms of exports of live sheep and goats totaling $ 200 million (data for 2015).

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