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Jordan puts an experiment: whose vaccine is more effective

11.01.2021 130 просмотров

Jordan starts mass vaccination with two different drugs at once.

Jordan received on January 9 the first batch of Chinese vaccine Sinopharm. 

The necessary certificate of compliance with medical standards was obtained on an emergency basis, as reported by Nizar Mheidat, head of the Kingdom's Food and Drug Administration 


The cargo is the first shipment of the agreed total supply of 1 million individual syringe tubes. Also, on January 11, a container with the American-European vaccine  Pfizer-BioNTech. 

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The mass vaccination campaign will start on January 13th. This was previously announced by the Minister of Health of this Middle Eastern state, Natir Obeidat. Efficiency Pfizer-BioNTech is 95%.

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Meanwhile, Bloomberg Senior Pharmaceutical Analyst Sam Fazely believes the Russian vaccine is more effective than the Chinese CoronaVac . It ranges from 92 to 95%, which is no less than that of Western vaccines. At the same time, Western vaccines are built on the basis of messenger RNAs, which have never before been used to create drugs of this kind. The Russian vaccine is based on traditional vector technology and uses adenovirus.

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The Russian coronavirus vaccine is already being used in Argentina, Serbia and Hungary, where a trial batch was delivered at the very end of December. Since the beginning of January, Egypt has been testing the Russian vaccine in a light version, that is, without a guarantee of developing immunity to the virus at a level of 95% for a period of 6-7 months.

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