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Jordan lifts quarantine for tourists

17.09.2020 157 просмотров

Jordan has lifted the mandatory quarantine previously imposed on all visitors to the kingdom arriving in the kingdom.

According to local media, restrictions on visitors are lifted from 23 September this year. At the same time, incoming tourists from a number of countries will have to undergo home self-isolation. It all depends on the level of danger assigned by the Jordanian authorities, depending on the degree of spread of the coronavirus.

Earlier, the Jordanian government, after a six-month break, agreed to resume regular flights with other countries. 

Passengers will be required to present a medical certificate stating that they do not have SARS CoV2. As a rule, new arrivals use the QR code of a document entered into a cell phone. In addition, they will be required to undergo a mandatory virus test upon arrival in Amman. 

The country is now experiencing extremely low levels of coronavirus infection and related mortality. So, at the beginning of September, no more than two and a half thousand people were infected, and 17 people died during the entire epidemic.

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