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Joko Widodo is not going to impose a national quarantine in Indonesia

04.10.2020 43 просмотров

The President of Indonesia spoke out against large-scale restrictions due to the coronavirus.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo spoke out against the introduction of social restrictions in the country, despite the growing number of people infected with coronavirus, believing that such measures are economically harmful. This was reported on Sunday by the Jakarta Post newspaper with a reference to the administration of the head of state.

"Preserving public health does not always have to mean economic sacrifice," said the Indonesian leader. According to him, "economic restrictions" are the same thing as sacrificing the lives of tens of millions of people, we cannot allow this. “The government is constantly looking for a balanced approach to the fight pandemic,” Joko Widodo stressed.

The President pointed out that "there is no need to impose restrictions in provinces, cities, meanwhile, the authorities are serious about coronavirus outbreaks." In his opinion, "point quarantine can be the most effective." Widodo also believes that "the government is effectively handling the pandemic." “The number of infections and deaths in Indonesia is much lower than in other countries where the population is comparable,” the head of state added.

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