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Japanese people line up to fight coronavirus

19.06.2020 42 просмотров

In Japan, shoppers line up for miles at malls to purchase a reusable face shield from popular sportswear brand Airismo.

Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun love to stand in lines, and, oddly enough, this has already become a kind of social phenomenon of the island state. And now, when they urgently need to protect their health, they stoically endure spending many hours in a “standing position” on the outskirts of large chain stores of a well-known company.

Japan Queue Mask 1.jpg

to preserve their own health and carefully comply with all the instructions of the authorities, the Japanese are just putting themselves in serious danger. The fact is that such crowding in the territory of indoor commercial galleries can lead to an accelerated spread of the virus, especially since people in queues massively do not observe a safe social distance.

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quarantine and self-isolation are almost impossible. 

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