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Japanese clinic to conduct preclinical trials of Russian vaccines

29.01.2022 121 просмотров

Representatives of the Hibiya Kokusai Clinic emphasized that Russian adenovirus vaccines are trusted by the international medical community.

The Japanese clinic Hibiya Kokusai Clinic has presented a project to conduct its own preclinical trials of Russian vaccines Sputnik V and Sputnik Light. This is stated in a message posted on the social networks of the Russian Embassy in Japan.

It is noted that on January 27, a presentation of the corresponding project for Japanese journalists was held at the Russian Embassy, which was attended by the leadership of the Hibiya Kokusai Clinic, as well as the Russian Ambassador to Japan Mikhail Galuzin. The head of the diplomatic mission emphasized that such examples of cooperation on the basis of a joint Plan of cooperation in eight priority areas, agreed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the then Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, contribute to the development of bilateral ties in the field of healthcare and the strengthening of Russian-Japanese relations in general

Representatives of the Japanese clinic in their speech emphasized that Russian adenovirus vaccines are trusted in the international medical community. Hibiya Kokusai Clinic outlined the milestones for future work, "which is expected to result in the certification of Sputnik V and Sputnik Light vaccines in Japan." The Japanese medical institution also emphasized that during the trial it is planned to study “how much the number of antibodies will increase, how long their effectiveness will last, and whether the safety of the use of Russian vaccines can be guaranteed.” The clinic emphasized that the testing is a preclinical test.

Sputnik V has been approved for use in 71 countries with a total population of more than 4 billion people, and Sputnik Light has been approved in more than 30 countries.

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