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Japanese billionaire to distribute money to Internet users

11.01.2020 177 просмотров

Entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa decided to share $ 9 million between his subscribers on the social network and see if they become happier.

The tycoon decided to conduct a social experiment, the purpose of which is to test how money affects people's lives and whether it really makes them happy.

The winners will receive one million yen each (about $9,000). To do this, it is enough to save on your page the entry that the entrepreneur made. The man noted that the money can be spent at your discretion, and then in special surveys to tell why and what they were used for. Sociologists will help him analyze the results.

The owner is being sought in the UAE
3 thousand gold coins

After the distribution of money, the billionaire intends to regularly carry out such actions.

Maezawa believes that this experiment is connected with the study of the idea of \u200b\u200bthe unconditional basic income - periodic payments to all citizens of the country. This idea was born and became popular as a result of the development of technologies that deprive people of their jobs.

Previously, the Japanese have already handed out money. Then $ 900 thousand were raffled among subscribers, and the publication became the most popular in the history of the social network. & nbsp;

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