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Japanese Air Force flew over Tokyo as a sign of respect for the medical staff saving the nation from COVID-19

31.05.2020 102 просмотров

The Japanese Air Force made a demonstration flight over Tokyo to spectacularly thank the country's doctors for their daily feat in the fight against the epidemic and morally support the quarantine-weary population.

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"Many people working in the healthcare system are now selflessly fighting the virus," said Taro Kono, Strvna Rising Sun's Defense Minister. "".

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Further, the head of the defense department added that the Japanese military of all branches of the armed forces donate blood en masse for infectious diseases hospitals and are ready to fully and wholeheartedly contribute to overcoming the ordeal that currently befalls the entire planet.

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The Blue Impulse aerobatic team flew over the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun on 6 Kawasaki T-4 fighters. The route was laid out in such a way that the personnel of as many hospitals as possible could see the planes. The fighter jets were flying at a relatively slow speed, which allowed numerous viewers to capture them on their mobile phones.

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