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Japan makes it easier to issue visas to Russian tourists

31.03.2018 172 просмотров

The financial guarantees that travelers now receive from Japanese travel agencies will be replaced by a regular bank statement.

From June 1, 2018, Japan introduces a simplified system for issuing visas for citizens of the Russian Federation: it will be possible to apply for them without having a guarantor of travel financing, indicating only their own funds needed to complete it.

Currently valid a system under which Japanese travel companies must act as a financial guarantor of the stay of Russian tourists in the Land of the Rising Sun.

However, since the beginning of this summer, citizens of the Russian Federation wishing to visit Japan will only need to submit a standard bank account statement when applying for a visa (as when applying, for example, for a Schengen visa), confirmation of paid hotel reservation for the entire stay and an approximate travel program set out in any form - that is, your travel plans. A tourist should have 80-150 thousand rubles on his account, depending on the region of Japan where he is going to visit.

The rejection of the visa system with the involvement of financial guarantors is due to its unprofitability and sluggishness, the Japanese Foreign Ministry explained.

According to data for 2017, 77.2 thousand Russian tourists visited Japan. Compared to 2016, the tourist flow increased by 40%. By simplifying the procedure for issuing visas, the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism expects to increase the influx of tourists even more.

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