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Japan lifts state of emergency

22.03.2021 110 просмотров

Japan has ended the state of emergency due to the coronavirus.

The state of emergency (ES) due to the coronavirus ceased to operate from 00:00 on March 22 (18:00 Moscow time on March 21) in Tokyo and the adjacent prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba. Thus, in Japan, this type of restrictive measures is no longer applied.

Nevertheless, the authorities will continue to regulate the work of restaurants and bars. Before the emergency was lifted, they were ordered to close at 20:00 and stop selling alcohol an hour before. After its removal, the opening hours of these establishments will be extended until 21:00. Citizens are also still urged not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, and private businesses are encouraged to transfer staff to remote work.

In total, the current state of emergency in the capital region lasted about two and a half months. It was last introduced in April and May of the previous year during the first wave of infections. During the period of restrictive measures, it was possible to reduce the daily increase in infections in the capital region by about 80%. In Tokyo and neighboring three prefectures, 4,277 infections were detected on January 7, this figure has now dropped to about 700.

Strengthening control

pay attention to identifying new strains of coronavirus. To do this, it is planned to increase the frequency of PCR tests by 40%. In addition, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Norihisa Tamura said on Sunday that the government intends to further tighten controls on entry into Japan.

We are talking about the rules according to which, in addition to PCR - tests before departure and at the airport of arrival, arrivals will have to stay in specialized quarantine facilities for three days after entry. After that, they will need to take a third test for coronavirus, and in case of a negative result, they will be able to go home to spend another two weeks in quarantine.

Currently, such requirements are imposed on 24 countries, including the UK, Hungary , Germany, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, but Japan wants to apply them to all states and regions.

A de facto ban on issuing new visas to citizens of all countries and regions of the world due to the discovery in the UK of a new strain of coronavirus came into force in Japan on December 28th. Currently, only Japanese citizens and foreigners with permanent residence and long-term visas can enter the country. Also, the Japanese government has introduced a limit of 2 thousand people per day on the number of people entering the country.

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