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Japan launches digital vaccination certificate app

20.12.2021 123 просмотров

The document can be used within the country when visiting restaurants and public events.

The Ministry of Digitalization of Japan on Monday launched an app that allows you to get a digital certificate of vaccination against the coronavirus. It is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

To register, you need to scan the My number card, which has been issued in Japan since 2015 to all residents, including foreigners with long-term visas. After that, you will need to enter the vaccination data from the paper certificate that the municipalities sent out. To use the application abroad, you must also provide information about your passport.

The digital certificate issued in the application can be used within Japan itself when visiting restaurants and mass events. There are currently no covid restrictions in place in the country, but if the situation worsens, the authorities may introduce them. In particular, if a state of emergency begins in Japan, a digital certificate may be required to visit catering establishments in groups of more than five people, as well as to enter mass events.

In addition, residents of Japan will be able to use the application to reduce quarantine when entering 76 countries of the world, including Australia, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, USA. Russia is not on this list.

To date, 98.2 million people in Japan, or 77.6% of the country's population, which is about 126 million, have been fully vaccinated. More than 100 million people (79% of the population) have been vaccinated with one dose ). In addition, about 32.7 million people over 65 years of age are fully vaccinated - more than 91% of the total population in this age group. The country uses drugs from the American-German consortium consisting of Pfizer and BioNTech, the American company Moderna, and the British-Swedish AstraZeneca.

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