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Japan closes cafes and restaurants

11.12.2020 131 просмотров

The coronavirus has forced people to work from home, which has changed their eating habits and consumption patterns.

The coronavirus continues to devastate people in the service industry. It is this category of the self-employed - the owners of small, often family - establishments, that turned out to be at the very edge of the sword. Small shops, catering outlets, convenience stores, art workshops and ateliers, crafts and many other areas of human activity are massively ruined due to a lack of customers or a reduction in income from potential buyers.


Yashiro Haga, owner of Shirohachi Fast Food Restaurant:

"My name is Yashiro Haga. I am 60 years old "I'm the owner of a ramen noodle restaurant. Today I'm closing my 15-year-old restaurant."


Tafuto Matani, 27, engineer:

"I'm sad because this restaurant is closing today. Here I decided to come in and eat this noodle here for the last time."


Yukina Tuyama, 35, office worker:

"I was very upset when I found out that the restaurant was closing "I think this is where the best ramen is made. And it's not at all because it's convenient for me to go here. It's true!"


In Japan, where people are used to eating on the go, fast food restaurants have always been popular. However, now housewives prefer to cook noodles at home. And office workers take their lunches to work, where they heat them up in the microwave. In addition, mass layoffs and the transition to remote work have reduced the need for shops and cafes in the deserted business districts of Tokyo, such as Shinagawa or Shimbashi in the Minato district.


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