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The first ever flight to Sri Lanka was made from Krasnoyarsk

11.11.2022 ТАСС 207 просмотров

336 passengers left by plane.

The first flight to Sri Lanka in the history of Krasnoyarsk airport was made on Friday, more than 300 tourists flew by plane. This was reported by the press service of the Krasnoyarsk airport.

"Today, the first flight in the history of [the airport] to Sri Lanka (Colombo) took off from Krasnoyarsk International Airport named after D. A. Hvorostovsky. The vessel set off at 100% load with 336 passengers on board," the report says.

Boeing 767-300 performed a charter flight under the program of one of the tour operators. "Sri Lanka has opened for Krasnoyarsk tourists as part of the autumn-winter schedule of the airport, which operates from October to March," the airport's press service reported.

Krasnoyarsk International Airport is one of the most important air transport hubs in Siberia and the Far East, a strategic transit hub in air traffic between Europe and Asia. From Krasnoyarsk, 20 air carriers carry out regular and charter passenger transportation to 53 destinations.

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