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It will become easier for citizens of Uzbekistan to find a job in Russia

17.03.2021 100 просмотров

A branch of the Moscow Multifunctional Migration Center has been opened in Tashkent.

The branch of the Moscow Multifunctional Migration Center, which opened on March 16 in Tashkent, is designed to simplify the procedure for labor migrants from Uzbekistan to enter and employ in Russia. This was reported to TASS on Tuesday by the press service of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of Uzbekistan.

“The branch of the Moscow Migration Center that opened in Tashkent will act as an operator of organized employment for citizens of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation through direct interaction with regions of Russia and large Russian employers ”, ” says the message.

According to the press service, the branch will provide services for the selection of citizens who want to work in the Russian Federation, evaluate their professional qualifications, organize their interview with potential employers, provide information about available vacancies, check for restrictions on entry and employment in Russia.

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