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Israeli government cancels Passover celebration and bans people from taking to the streets

10.04.2020 33 просмотров

Israel lives under a curfew.

One of the main holidays of the annual religious calendar, Pesach, has begun in Israel. This time it coincided with a total ban on the use of vehicles, even when moving inside settlements. A strict access control was introduced on the streets not only for cars, but also for pedestrians, which did not allow citizens to feel the festive atmosphere of the end of winter and adequately hold a traditional Easter dinner - a seder, which gathers all distant and close relatives to celebrate the Exodus - the end of biblical slavery Jewish people in Egypt.

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Between April 7 and 10, all citizens of the country are categorically ordered not to leave their homes and carefully observe quarantine. Only municipal services and certain categories of workers involved in industries vital to the country are allowed to use vehicles. All army services and border guards also remain at their posts, and not only all highways are blocked, but even small dirt roads. Drones patrol the fields.

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Strict measures to comply with the sanitary safety regime and self-isolation are caused by the explosive spread of COVID-19. So, on the tenth of April, 10 thousand infected with coronavirus were already registered in Israel; 79 patients died.

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