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Israel to allow entry of vaccinated foreign tourists from May

13.04.2021 38 просмотров

Israel plans to allow entry for groups of vaccinated tourists from May 23.

Israel is developing a program to start accepting groups of foreign tourists vaccinated against covid from May 23. This was announced on Tuesday in a joint statement by the Ministry of Health and Tourism of the Jewish State.

“The Minister of Tourism Orit Farkas-Hakohenand the Minister of HealthYuli Edelstein have reached an agreement on the program of admission and entry of vaccinated tourists from foreign countries in groups. From May 23, 2021, entry into Israel will be open at the first stage for the entry of groups of vaccinated foreign tourists, as it will be easier to track their movement. Groups will begin arriving from May 23 in accordance with the established quota, and based on the results of the first stage, the possibility of entry for tourists outside the groups will be studied if the incidence levels remain at current levels, ”the document says.

The statement states that "tourists will be required to undergo a PCR test before boarding, as well as a PCR test and a serological test to confirm vaccination or recovery from covid upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport." “Contacts with countries will continue to conclude agreements on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates in order to eliminate the need for serological testing,” the Israeli Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism said. “In the coming days, the program will be presented for finalization at a professional level, after which it will be published with all the details,” they added.

Ministerial statements

“The time has come for Israel to enjoy the benefits of a safe and healthy country, which will help rebuild the Israeli economy and tourism industry. Only the opening of inbound international tourism will really help bring the tourism industry, restaurants, attractions, guides and many others back to life,” said the Minister of Tourism, whose statements were circulated by the press service of the ministry. “I will continue to push for the full restoration of inbound tourism to Israel, which will greatly help the Israeli economy and revive jobs,” added OritFarkash Hakohen.
< br> The Minister of Health of the Jewish state noted that "Israel is the first country to start mass vaccination, and therefore the citizens of Israel can be the first to count on the benefits of this." “After we opened the economy, it’s time to open tourism in a cautious and prudent way, taking into account the incidence rate,” added Yuli Edelstein, whose statements were distributed by the press service of the Ministry of Health.

Vaccination in Israel

On December 20 last year, vaccination of the population with Pfizer began in Israel. According to the Ministry of Health of the Jewish State, at the moment the first dose of the vaccine has been administered to 5,329,497 residents, the second dose has been received by 4,950,267 of them, which is about 55% of the fully vaccinated among the country's population of 9.3 million people.

Cabinet of Ministers Israel on March 16 allowed to resume air traffic interrupted since the end of January in all directions, but only citizens of the country or persons with a residence permit were allowed to enter the Jewish state until April 8. Since March 7, the Israeli authorities have allowed the entry of foreigners into the country in exceptional cases with a special permit, since April 8, foreigners vaccinated against covid are allowed to visit relatives in Israel.

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