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Israel tightens control over e-bikes

04.10.2018 197 просмотров

This decision was made the day before by the Ministry of Transport, RIA Novosti reports. 

According to Minister of Transport and Intelligence Israel Katz, the department has developed a set of measures to improve the safety of electric bicycle owners.
First of all, the tightening of legislation in this area will affect young owners. In particular, in order to get behind the wheel of a bicycle with a motor, young Israelis will need to obtain a special driver's license.
Also, the government of the country has tightened control over compliance with the age limit. According to the head of the department, electric bikes will be confiscated if the police establish that they were driven by a young man under 16 years old. In addition, the penalties for driving such a vehicle without a helmet will be significantly increased.
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Lovers fast driving will no longer be able to increase the power of the electric motor in artisanal conditions. If, after the design changes made, the bike can accelerate faster than 25 km/h, then the master will face a fine of up to 10,000 shekels (about three thousand dollars). 

soon it will increase by 100 kilometers. 

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