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Israel sits in quarantine, but does not lose heart

22.09.2020 94 просмотров

In Israel, the population observes the new quarantine, but doubts its effectiveness.

In Israel, the government is doing everything possible to stop the spread of the second wave of coronavirus and avoid another outbreak of a dangerous disease. Meanwhile, the 9 millionth population of the country refers to quarantine, albeit with understanding, but without enthusiasm.


Shimrit Tuti, café owner:

"Many people continue to go to work. house. Therefore, we do not know how effective quarantine is in general. It is very difficult to remain without work for a long time. We hope that the measures will be effective. And what else do we have to do?"


Dov Martan, a resident of Jerusalem:

"I think that these measures are unnecessary, because those who do not want to stay at home will still find some any legal excuse to leave your home.For example, you can say that you are going to a demonstration in front of the residence of the prime minister or something else to invent ... There are so many legal loopholes that it is unlikely that such a quarantine will do us good. we won’t achieve…"


A new three-week curfew was announced on September 16 and came into effect on the 18th, the day of the national holiday of the religious New Year Rosh Hashanah. Prior to this, quarantine was announced in March. In May, it was partially withdrawn due to a general improvement in the epidemiological situation. However, in the second decade of September, medical statistics recorded a daily increase in COVID-19 infections at the level of 5,000 new cases per day, which led to a temporary tightening of the social regime.


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