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Israel's air defense / missile defense system has become even more perfect

16.12.2020 81 просмотров

Israel has completed its airspace defense system with an additional stage.

Representatives of the Israeli Defense Ministry reported that Tel Aviv successfully tested on December 15 a multi-stage missile defense system capable of protecting a particular object from any threat, whether it be a cruise or ballistic missile.

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The anti-missile system passed all stages of testing and received the highest rating from the inspectors. The press communique of the Ministry of Defense states that Israel is ready to cooperate in the field of missile defense with the United Arab Emirates. The head of the missile defense organization, Moshe Patel, specified that the system operates at different altitudes. 

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In Israel, the Iron Dome (Kipat Barzel) air defense / missile defense system is already operating, which was modernized and tested at the test site in January of this year. It is capable of intercepting melee missiles and even mortar rounds. 

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Since 2016, it has been supplemented by "Sharvit Xsamim" ("Magic Wand", also known as "Kela David" , in Russian - "David's Sling"). Also, the complex protection is complemented by the Hetz system, which specializes in ballistic targets.

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