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Israel resumes flights

16.03.2021 93 просмотров

The Cabinet of Ministers of Israel has allowed the launch of flights in limited mode from 16 March.

The Government of Israel allowed to resume from 16 March air traffic to interrupted from end of January to all directions while maintaining the quota for arrivals to Israel up to 3 thousands of passengers. passengers per day. This was announced on Monday by the Prime Minister's Office.

“Restrictions on the number of destinations for passenger air transportation to Israel and from Israel are lifted. Flights to Israel are permitted from any [previous] destination. The airport operator will be limited in the allocation of slots for incoming flights in accordance with a quota of 3 ths. arriving passengers on the day, and in    according   compliance  compliance with the rules of social distancing and the requirement to perform [coronavirus] tests at the airport. The changes will come into effect from 16 March 2021,   reads the message.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office added that "the Ministry of Health reserves the right to cancel any particular flight if there is a public health risk." The Jerusalem Post notes that this Tuesday cancels a ruling that was in effect until March 20 to allow passenger aircraft to enter Israel from only a limited number of airports, including New York, Paris and Frankfurt. Since 14 February, the Israeli government commission for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus allowed the return of up to 2,000 citizens to the country daily, and from 7 March allowed the entry of foreigners in exceptional cases with special permission.

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