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Israel reintroduces restrictions due to coronavirus

15.07.2021 48 просмотров

The coronavirus epidemic has returned to Israel. 

In Israel, they revised their strategy to combat the coronavirus epidemic and re-imposed a number of restrictions. Four weeks ago, the country was celebrating the return to normal life - without masks and maintaining social distance. High rates of vaccination have led to a decrease in morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. But then a new wave came - the more contagious Delta strain began to spread in Israel and the number of cases increased dramatically. This forced Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to reintroduce anti-epidemic measures.

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“We are closely monitoring the situation and keep abreast of what is happening in Israel, as well as in other countries, in order to ensure that the health of Israeli citizens is protected as much as possible, as well as to minimize changes in daily life, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett assured.

The country's authorities want to avoid a fourth lockdown, which could further harm the economy. Most at-risk Israelis have already been vaccinated against COVID-19, and therefore the government expects that with the growth of new cases of coronavirus, a minimum number of people will become seriously ill. Today, there are only about 50 such patients in the country.

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"We have clear evidence of the effectiveness of vaccination. There are very few patients and they have a mild course of the disease, said Gadi Segal, head of the coronavirus department at the Sheba State Medical Center. “I am sure that without vaccination, we would have faced a much more serious situation, which would have led to curfews and even more deaths.”

New measures to combat coronavirus include the mandatory wearing of masks in premises and quarantine for all arriving in Israel. Authorities are also considering allowing vaccinations for children under 12 if there is a high risk of serious complications if they contract COVID-19. So far, about 60% of the Israeli population has already received at least one shot of the Pfizer or BioNTech vaccine. 

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